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Rodrigo Caetano from the Strategic What Podcast provides tips on how to improve your management skills, become a better leader and improve your productivity. 

Discover how to better plan your projects, inspire your team and take control of your work. On each episode, Rodrigo will share his practical on-the-ground experience and provide you actionable tips on how to be more innovative, get more work done and enjoy your management work.

Do you want to go the extra mile and achieve better results? Let’s hit the ground running!

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Nov 30, 2017

What’s most important in management? Schedules, spreadsheets or meetings?

Far from it.

Learn three important things that may be missing from your management style. In this episode, I’ll go over the key elements that have nothing to do with the tools you use on your everyday job as a manager.


Nov 23, 2017

Why you should remove the word help from your dictionary.

In this episode I explain how “helping” other managers can be problematic.

I also discuss the effects of doing someone else’s work.


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Nov 14, 2017

How to avoid meeting distractions?

I'll share a technique on how to deal issues that are unrelated to the meeting and come up during discussion.

These issue often go in a tangent and tend to take away the focus of your conversation. I'll provided you a simple tip that is almost effortless to implement: the meeting...