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Rodrigo Caetano from the Strategic What Podcast provides tips on how to improve your management skills, become a better leader and improve your productivity. 

Discover how to better plan your projects, inspire your team and take control of your work. On each episode, Rodrigo will share his practical on-the-ground experience and provide you actionable tips on how to be more innovative, get more work done and enjoy your management work.

Do you want to go the extra mile and achieve better results? Let’s hit the ground running!

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Jan 24, 2019

At work, do you feel more like fish outside the water? Or do you feel you are someone who is fully engaged on what you are working on?


In this episode, I’ll share a story about someone who inspired me how to deal with situations where you don’t feel you are in the right place.


In This Episode You will Learn:

  • At...