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Jun 8, 2017

How to Build the Perfect Strategy? 

In this episode we will be talking about how to develop the “perfect plan” and build better strategies.   

“Planning” and “Strategizing” are overused words in project management.

We always want to build something perfect before we hit the ground running.

We need “the plan”, the perfect plan. 

However, as I got more experienced in my career, I realized that it’s not the Excel template, the project agile methodology, or that latest Microsoft Project tool that will make your project perfect and successful.

To get a perfect plan has a lot to do with leadership.

And very little to do with the tools you use.

There is no perfect plan.

There is a leader (you!) pointing the team in the right direction and adjusting your course as you go.

This leader, I mean, you!, also needs to let everyone know that they are a team and that each one here has a distinct role…

So this way everyone knows their impact the project.

So, why we need a plan?

The plan is where you organize the team’s actions.

The plan is all about coordination, so people know what do when they are interacting with other people and other teams.

The plan is all about coordination…

Unless you are working alone, doing something very simple, a plan will save you tons of time and effort aligning who should what and when.

Having a plan is valuable. Yes, it is.

But, even when you are working alone, doing simple tasks, you may need a simple plan.

Here is an analogy.

Think of planning like buying groceries. If you only have to buy 5 items, you are fine. You’ll remember all items.

However, if you have more, that’s a different story…  You may need to write down a list.

If you are organizing something bigger, let’s say a party or a wedding, you will need not only to buy some things at the supermarket, but also coordinate many other things, like hire people to help you with your party.

Plans are necessary so we don’t spend time trying to remember things or spending money on stuff we don’t need.

In practical terms, here is my underlying consideration when I’m creating a plan:

  • Any plan is better than no plan.
  • A good plan is better than any plan.
  • A great plan is better than a good plan.
  • An awesome plan is better than a great plan.
  • Awesome plans can became amazing strategies.

What I want you to realize is that any plan can evolve into a strategy…

Any plan can become “The Plan”.

Just remember to be flexible and to gather more and more information as you progress in your project.

Your plan will evolve as you learn more about what you are doing. If you have the flexibility to evolve your plan, it will just keep getting better and better.

There is something magical about evolving the complexity of your plan.

The magic is that you can adjust it as you get into the details and that it doesn’t have to be perfect on the first time around.

My advice to you today is:

Start with a simple plan – any plan – instead of dream creating your perfect strategy. Then, slowly evolve your plan to become “the Plan”.

The best strategies are developed from real, live, dynamic situations and not on the pages of a document. Think about that!


I wish you a great day at work wherever you are in the world.